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Most water conservation experts agree that water is the most valuable natural resource in California. The water shortage has affected our lives and livelihoods, but you can help save water by upgrading your irrigation system to water conserving one! Costa Mesa Pro Landscapers specializes in assisting people to do just that with their water conserving irrigation systems services.

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About Costa Mesa Pro Landscapers

Costa Mesa Pro Landscapers is a company that has been providing water conserving irrigation systems services in Costa Mesa for many years. We have a team of experienced and licensed professionals who take pride in their work and can help you improve your water conservation efforts right away. Our goal is to help you water your plants or grass efficiently while saving money and water. We offer free estimates and water audits to determine your water needs and usage. You can also rely on us for a water conserving irrigation system installation service with which you’ll be happy!

What is Water Conserving Irrigation Systems?

Water conserving irrigation systems are types of water-efficient irrigation systems that can help you save water. Compared to traditional lawn sprinklers, a water conserving irrigation system is more efficient and effective in delivering water where it’s needed most – directly on your plants and grass. Installing a water conserving irrigation system will also allow you to set the amount of time the sprinkler/irrigation zone runs, giving you complete control over how much water your landscaping needs at any given moment.

Why Upgrade Your Irrigation System?

Upgrading from standard watering equipment such as hose or garden nozzle helps reduce water usage and saves energy costs for running those devices as well! This means less money spent on utility bills while helping conserve water.

Benefits of Water Conserving Irrigation Systems

There are several benefits of water conserving irrigation systems, including:

  • Save water and money with a water-saving landscape design.
  • Minimize your water bills by up to 50 percent or more!
  • Harmless for the environment as there are no chemicals involved that may be harmful to wildlife.
  • Help water your plants and grass more efficiently.
  • Increase the value of your property with a water-efficient landscape design.

How Can You Save Water?

There are many water conservation tips you can follow, but upgrading your irrigation system is one of the best water-saving practices around. Here are some ways to save water with a water conserving irrigation system: 

  • Set sprinkler/irrigation zones for off times when it’s not in use (avoid watering during or adjacent to rain) 
  • Reduce how long each zone runs (water slowly and deeply instead of quick, shallow watering that run off efficiently into gutters)
  • Use drip systems where possible (trickle water onto plant roots vs. spraying all over the soil surface, which results in wasted due to evaporation loss). 

Are Water Conserving Irrigation Systems Expensive?

You may think water conserving irrigation systems are expensive, but the fact is that they can save you money in water and maintenance costs. While some of these costs will depend on your water bill type (meter or flat rate), the equipment used for water conservation efforts will ensure a decrease in monthly bills. However, don’t forget to factor in any added expenses for hiring professionals who know how to install water-saving sprinklers properly.

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